Celebrating Diablo IV's DICE Awards Triumph!

Jerreau Henry
Marketing Manager

We're bursting with excitement at Electric Square because Diablo IV just won the Online Game of the Year award at the Dice Awards 2024.

As co-developers of this epic title, we've been on a rollercoaster of creativity with our partners at Activision Blizzard, and our teams put passion and commitment into making Diablo IV the best game it can be.


Beyond the pixels, what makes this victory especially meaningful is the bond we've forged with the Blizzard and Diablo IV teams. 


They've welcomed us into their world, and together, we've created something magical! So here's a huge shoutout to our incredible dev teams – both at Electric Square and Blizzard – You rock! 


Can't wait to see where the adventure takes us next! 


Stay tuned for more updates and plenty of gaming goodness from Electric Square.