Edge Magazine Headliners: Electric Square Co-Developed Three Front Page Games!

Jerreau Henry
Marketing Manager
Photo taken of three Edge Magazine issues with the game art from Lords of the Fallen, Everywhere, and Exoborne featured on the cover.

Did you know? Over the past year, three of the epic games we've had the privilege to co-develop – Lords of the Fallen, Everywhere, and Exoborne – have graced the front cover of Edge Magazine.


It's moments like these that really amp up our excitement! Our teams pour their hearts and souls into co-developing and crafting the titles they work on. And seeing those games recognised in one of our favourite magazines is a big win! 


We caught up with our Art Director, Jason Green, for his thoughts on the achievement: 

"To be featured on the front cover of Edge magazine is always something of an achievement. For three of our co-dev projects to have done this recently is an accomplishment we’re very proud of at Electric Square, with Exoborne, Lords of the Fallen, and Everywhere."


A massive shoutout to the amazing folks at CI Games, Build A Rocket Boy, and Sharkmob – We're proud to be on this journey with you! We're keeping the momentum going as we continue to power through epic adventures ahead.


Stay tuned for more co-dev magic coming your way!