Oktra features Electric Square Brighton

Jerreau Henry
Marketing Manager
Photo of the Electric Square Brighton studio at lunch

Our Electric Square UK studio, located in central Brighton, has stepped into the spotlight at Office Design & Build company Oktra!

Oktra, renowned for its expertise in crafting inspirational workspaces, has showcased our UK studio on its website. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to merging art and technology to create an inclusive workspace for our team to thrive.


We sat down with Studio Art Director, Jason Green, to share his vision for shaping the studio's aesthetic. Here's what Jason had to say:


"The Electric Square brand has a striking retrofuturist visual identity, born from our original Art Deco studio, which is located just over the road from our new build contemporary industrial space in Circus Street.


We collaborated with the Design & Build company Oktra to create a flexible hybrid workspace that pays homage to the 1930s design cues from our brand foundation, embraces the enormous change we're all presently experiencing, while fixing our focus on the approaching 2030s development landscape that Electric Square is heading toward.


We merged the brand colourway and aesthetic with the exposed concrete, steel, and glass from the award-winning architect designed building. For additional touches, we introduced aluminium and titanium details, matte black vinyl graphics, bespoke furniture crafted from 20th-century military aviation tech, and timber that's been salvaged from century-old English buildings and Chinese fishing junks.


We consider intricate details, we think long-term, our UK studio represents the gold standard in game development, for all of our developers, remote or onsite."


This acknowledgment from Oktra is an honour. Please take a visual journey through our studio photos to get a glimpse into our work culture and creative environment. For a first-hand look at our feature, click the link below:




Stay tuned for more studio updates from Electric Square as we continue our creative journey!