Celebrating Parallel Studios' Big Wins at the Gam3 Awards!

Jerreau Henry
Marketing Manager

Parallel Studios struck gold at the Gam3 Awards, scoring not one, not two, but three accolades! Their game, Parallel, swept the board, winning 'Game of the Year', 'Best Strategy Game', and 'Best Card Game'—talk about a triple whammy!


But wait, there's more! Parallel also earned nominations for 'Best Multiplayer Game' and 'Best Esports Game'. What an achievement!


At Electric Square, we're proud to play a part in this incredible game's journey. Our teams across Singapore and Europe poured their time and talents into co-developing it.


Julien Girard-Buttoz, our Singapore Studio Head, sums up the experience perfectly:

"We congratulate Parallel Studios for their incredible success. At Electric Square, we're proud of the bonds we've forged with the studio. Their wins are a testament to the collaboration and dedication of everyone involved."


Here's to Parallel Studios, the fantastic Parallel team, and our talented developers working on the project—congrats on your well-deserved wins!