Explore Penumbra: Electric Square's Stunning Unreal Engine 5 Showcase!

Fresh from Unreal Fest, we're excited to showcase our latest video of Penumbra, made in Unreal Engine 5!

Penumbra is one of Electric Square's internal graphics R&D projects, which started life in UE5 as a space where our artists could experiment with new Unreal tech while drawing inspiration from the Art Deco retrofuturism of our studio brand.  

Two years on from the initial unveiling (showcasing our first implementation of Lumen and Nanite), we've revisited the entire scene with upgraded modelling, sculpting, animation, VFX, textures, materials, lighting, cameras, and a fresh audio pass from our friends at Rev Rooms.

Studio Art Director, Jason Green, said the following:

"There are various R&D initiatives running at Electric Square at any one time, and there are points when the collaboration between talented individuals with varied skills takes everything up another level. What's cool about Penumbra is that the main driver is Graphics R&D, so when we get one of those moments then it's clearly evident. Awesome work Penumbra crew!"


Hats off to everyone involved! You've knocked it out of the park!

Click here to watch Penumbra in full.