Stay 'Connected': Unveiling Our New DEI Initiative to Impact the Future

Jerreau Henry
Marketing Manager
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Today, we're bursting with excitement to share some DEI news that's close to our hearts. Introducing ‘Connected’— a relaunch of our DEI Group in collaboration with our sister studio, Lively.

Our Connected Vision 

Connected is our collaborative DEI group and a vibrant movement fuelled by a passion for improving diversity and inclusion across our two studios and the wider industry as a whole. Our goal is to provide an ever-growing and adapting diversity hub, where the collective voices of our Electric Square & Lively employees are listened to and celebrated, and every member has the platform to make a meaningful external impact in the games industry through our studio DEI initiatives and opportunities. That's our vision—which we’re putting into action! 

A Story of Togetherness 

Our journey to Connected began with a decision to unite our studios behind a common goal of diversity and inclusion —we thought, why not join our DEI groups to make an impact externally? So, Electric Square & Lively teamed up to create Connected, and our 250+ skilled developers have started collaborating with our industry allies, with a focus on providing a positive change in marginalised people’s lives. 

What Makes Connected Shine? 
Within the walls of Electric Square & Lively, our Connected group is developing a host of internal and external initiatives that celebrate diversity and inclusion. With a focus on making sustainable change. So, stay tuned! More updates, more projects, and more celebrations are on the horizon which we can’t wait to announce.


We are committed to influencing transformation. Together, we can make this industry a safer, more inclusive, diverse powerhouse. Watch. This. Space 🫡