Wellbeing Week 2024

Jerreau Henry
Marketing Manager

Last week, Electric Square became a sanctuary of self-care as we celebrated our very own Wellbeing Week! Led by our amazing HR Coordinator, Kat Henderson, the week was packed full of activities designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit, leaving us all feeling refreshed and recharged.


Soothing Sound Bath:
Imagine being surrounded by the gentle hum of singing bowls and the aroma of calming essential oils. That's exactly what our sound bath session with Josephine from Echo Yoga & Sound felt. It was like hitting the reset button for our stresses and leaving us feeling as light as air. Absolute BLISS.


Creativity and Plant Life:
Who knew that creating tiny worlds inside glass jars could be so therapeutic? Thanks to Celest Lim from FunEmpire, our team at Electric Square Singapore took part in some real-life 'world-building' with our terrarium-making workshop.


Empowerment and Resilience Talks:
From taming impostor syndrome and mastering the art of a good night's sleep to improving our financial wellbeing, we dove headfirst into the world of personal empowerment and resilience. With expert guidance from coaches like Chris Grimes and wellness gurus Julie Weston and Roisin Faichney, we were proud to take part in some character-building and self-help exercises and felt all the better for it.


Reflecting on the week, Kat shared:

"We pride ourselves here at Electric Square and Lively on looking after our crew's mental health and wellbeing. Last week was no exception and we had a blast investing in some R&R with a bunch of webinars and workshops for the mind, body and soul. The main part is, it was at on of fun as well!".


Huge round of applause to Kat. You've truly outdone yourself by making 2024's Wellbeing Week our best one yet. Here's to another year of putting our health and wellbeing first.


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